The rating agencies D-RATING and CYRATING partner


The rating agencies D-RATING and CYRATING partner to evaluate and improve the digital performance and cybersecurity of their clients

This partnership is aligned with D-Rating strategy:

  • Improve the rating methodology exhaustivity by covering all domains impacted by the digital revolution

  • Populate the ratings with data provided by the bests in each domain

Thanks to this partnership, D-Rating enriches its evaluation algorithm by taking into account new criteria related to cybersecurity. Cybersecurity has become a core competence for companies’ digital performance. D-Rating’s customers will have access to the ratings and metrics of CYRATING. As such, they will be able to benchmark themselves against industry peers, as for any domain covered by D-Rating methodology. The companies will also be able to deepen the analysis with the support of CYRATING. They will then have access to the details and underlying metrics of each rating and to the CYRATING’s continuous monitoring.

The metrics of CYRATING are integrated in the digital performance rating algorithm of D-Rating. D-ratings are used by financial analysts, partners of D-rating, to strengthen their opinions on the future performance and underlying risks level of evaluated companies, especially in the financial services sector.

For Didier Farjon, CEO of D-Rating: « Cybersecurity is a major component of companies’ digital performance. Therefore, I warmly welcome the collaboration with CYRATING and I am delighted to bring some additional value to every D-Rating’s customers on such a critical subject. We share with CYRATING the same will to support our analysis with factual and quantified information. This partnership will be in the best interest to our common customers »

For François Gratiolet, cofounder of CYRATING: « I’m enthusiastic about this partnership that is rooted in an excellent logic of complementarity. D-Rating put the subject of cybersecurity in a broader perspective of evaluation of digital performance and allows executives to identify potential cybersecurity issues in a simple way. Besides, our objective metrics and details help companies to prioritize their remediation actions and to reduce their risk exposure in a sustainable way. »


CYRATING is the first cybersecurity rating agency rooted in Europe. CYRATING helps forward-thinking organisations to maximize their cybersecurity performance and investments. We identify potential for improvement, benchmark it against industry best practices and provide standardized cybersecurity metrics. Our tech platform combined with our analysts’ insights provide a solid foundation and a common language for both CEOs and cybersecurity executives

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About D-Rating

Created at the begining of 2017 with the support of BPI France, D-rating is the first rating agency of companies digital performance. D-Rating provides every market stakeholder (buy-side/sell-side financial analysts, asset managers, fund managers and companies) with an independent rating that evaluates a company’s commitment in anticipating the digital transformation in its sector, both internal (transformation of company’s culture, process and tools) and external (digitalization of customer journey, digital footprint). Thanks to its innovative approach that, combining automation and industrialization, serves a data-driven methodology (800+ criteria analyzed), D-Rating is already a standard in the financial services sector.

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