Mobile banking : customize your competitive intelligences on D-Rating’s Platform !


In parallel to the results of its yearly notation campaign’s publication, D-rating is glad to announce a significant improvement of its Business Intelligence platform.

It was initiated mid-2021, with the launch of its “Market alerts”, which informs subscribers in real time of significant changes made to the more than 300 mobile banking applications monitored.

In 18 months, D-Rating has detected nearly 2000 significant changes (more than 4 per day on average), that are checked, classified and enriched by the D-Rating analysts team, then accessible via the client front office ( or by email.

Profile customization additionally helps them to easily integrate these alerts into their workload, and to optimize the operational value of the service, by :
  • Choosing in a few clicks the list of banks you wish to include in their monitoring perimeter.
  • Enriching the list monitored by D-Rating with other banks they want to follow.
  • Being informed in real time of the appearance of new banking apps, whether they operate in your market or are located in nearby countries and are likely to be deployed in your territory
Other features are already operational, in an “on demand” mode currently, and will be gradually made accessible online
  • Automatic detection of website modifications, carried out on request, to monitor changes made by competitors to customer journeys, and/or to product or service offering (see our presentation in a less than 2’ video)
  • Correctly calculate satisfaction ratings for banking applications, unbiased from those that express broader brand satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) and those that are solicited by the brand
  • Predictive analysis of digital channel usage statistics: number of users (and how it reflects the evolution of the number of active customers), usage frequency (meaning the degree of appropriation of a given brand’s digital channels), duration of sessions (and its significance on the conduct of operations beyond everyday banking)

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