Global score 2022 : Boursorama and Nordea, first to reach A rating


The results of the 6th D-Rating campaign on retail banks’ digital performance, published on February 21, confirm that the battlefront in the digital war has shifted from more and more digital customers to more and more value generated with them. (also read : Digital banking : the shift to profitability).

Nordea ranks first, from the Offerings perspective

In addition to a fluid account opening journey (clients acquisition), the ability to innovate and lead the change without losing from sight the customer’s needs and behavioral habits is crucial to keep up with the market evolutions.

Boursorama Banque in France and Nordea in Sweden both outperformed their peers and share the highest rating observed, in 2022 as since D-Rating launched its notation.

In 2021, Boursorama was ranked A- and shared the top step of the podium with three other European competitors.     It is joined in the top position by Nordea, which was rated BBB+ in 2021 and thus moves up two grades.

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Nordea has throughout the last couple years, managed to transition from its old interface to a new appealing, fluid customer platform, its extensive offerings in terms of digital products and features and efficient customer support. This translates to a high score in terms of satisfaction expressed in the application stores.

From the ability to generate value, Nordea ranks first among all the banks surveyed for the extent of its online offer and its ability to support its customers in their subscription process and in their management. On this aspect, Boursorama is in 6th position. Boursorama also performs very well when it comes to the features provided to its customers, especially on the Web (only surpassed by Bunq on this subject) and, like Nordea, it presents a balanced profile in which no strong weaknesses can be perceived.

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A toughening competition

2022 also marks a widening distribution of ratings due to the progress of some banks and a toughening competition. It led D-Rating to honor other banks, whose results place them very close to the two leaders, whose progress has been particularly spectacular, or who stand out on certain key dimensions of digital performance.


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Thanks to the investment they have made in customer relations, in particular, which places them in first place in the respective fields of digital customer relations and customer support, Hello Bank! has confirmed an A- rating, and BNP Paribas has achieved an equivalent grade (+1).

Comdirect achieved the highest increase in 2022, rising from BBB- to A-. It joins its compatriot Consorsbank, which also gained a position (from BBB+ to A-). Positioning of Comdirect is partly due to their high score on digital features evaluation. It is also in the top 5 in Europe for offers available online.        

Just outclassed by BNP Paribas, Hello Bank and Nordea in the Customer Support dimension, BBVA shows a balanced performance, ranking among the top 10 European performers for instant support (quick response to basic but urgent questions, without human intervention, i.e. via FAQ, chatbot, etc.) as for expert support (handling of complex issues, requiring the use of a video call, a phone call or, at least, an email). Using their apps, it’s by example possible to BBVA clients to have a visiocall with their adviser, or to ask for a call-back, both from the app or the site.

But at the European level, the written word remains the dominant rule in the relationship between banks and their customers:

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2023 perspectives

As we are concluding our rating campaign for the year 2022, D-Rating will soon enter its R&D phase in which the methodology is being brainstormed and perfected for out next campaign 2023.

As we have previously written about, some “trendy features” that had a large media coverage in 2022 are far from being a common practice in the banking world. We include in this category of features indicators related to beyond banking (Super App), cashback offer, Buy Now Pay Later and Sustainability features).


We will observe in 2023 if they manage to find their anchorage in the offers, as we will be attentive to the other currents of innovation that emerge in the banking offers.

Meanwhile, our 2022 results can be viewed more in detail through our client platform and completed with tools developed internally, to give a complete view of the banking scene and stay informed continuously of the competition’s next move.

My D-rating client platform that gives access to exportable data behind the rating of all our indicators with an option placed on screenshots to complete visually the data.

Market alert tool to stay informed of the features launch by your competition at all time received by email and accessible through our main platform.

“Automated Routes” that allows to spot changes in the customer journeys and stay alerted of the changes incorporated by your competition.


More than 80 European banks have been included in D-Rating’s 6th digital performance rating campaign, which will run from October to December 2022. The scope of the campaign is based on the 300 banks whose digital innovation strategies D-Rating analyzes throughout the year, using its proprietary tools (Market Alerts, Automated Routes) and data provided by and Similar Web)

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In 2022, the new context of digital banking has led D-Rating to reorganize its module dedicated to the Digital Proposition (see
) in which all of journeys and products or services offerings to prospects and/or customers are tested – three times each – by mystery shoppers and make it possible to qualify more than 300 evaluation indicators
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