Official presentation – Digital Scores of Belgium Retail Banks in 2018


Thursday 28 February 2019, from 8:30am to 10:30am
Location: B19 – Avenue Van bever, 17-19 – 1180 Brussels

Booking / Contact : Juliette Giraud, (+33) 1 74 71 43 86,

The Belgian retail banking sector, already characterized by a high number of competitors compared to the size of the market, is also targeted by neobanks (or PSPs) bringing customer experience innovative features and highly efficient cross-border operating model. In this competitive environment, digital performance is a major challenge in meeting consumer expectations and new forms of competition. It will have a decisive impact on the short and medium-term economic performance of market players.

What are the positions of the various players in terms of digital performance?

What are the gaps in terms of digital competitiveness?

What are the implications in terms of risk ?


Introductory keynote by Nicolas van Zeebroeck, member of D-Rating scientific advisory board, professor of Digital Economics & Strategy and deputy Dean for Research and Management at Solvay Brussels School – ULB. The rating results will be presented by Didier Farjon (CEO, D-Rating) and Nicolas Babel (COO, D-Rating).


The rating was conducted on 14 brands (Argenta, AXA Bank, Belfius, Beobank, BNP Paribas Fortis, Bpost Bank, Crelan, Deutsche Bank, Hello Bank!, ING Belgium, KBC/CBC, Keytrade Bank, N26, Revolut).

It includes more than 650 indicators, organized into three modules within the framework of a 100% outside-in methodology:

  1. Customer experience: Presence and Satisfaction, assessing the usage status of digital channels in the context of customer and prospect relations

  2. Customer Experience: Offers and Journeys, evaluating the performance of the digital proposal in terms of customer journeys, offers and features, and communication channels

  3. Transformation dynamics, assessing the transformational capabilities of banking organisations in terms of technologies and innovation, operational integration (particularly Phygital) and talent attraction

    Banks will be rated according to the following scale :


The digital performance rating conducted by D-Rating allows to determine an expected impact on 5 business performance indicators: client acquisition, client retention, revenue per client, Operating cost & Perf. sustainability. D-Rating will also communicate high-level comments and impact of digital performance on business performance indicators for each rated bank.

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