2018 digital performance rating of Retail Banking Belgium


The digital performance rating, delivered by D-Rating, is based on the analysis of 650+quantitative indicators structured into 3 modules:

Digital CX : Presence & Satisfaction :

That evaluates the usage status of Digital Channels with clients & prospects : origination, traffic, generated satisfaction, etc.

Digital CX : Offers & Journeys :

That evaluates the digital proposition of the banks in terms of offers & features available on digital channels, communication channels and journeys.

Transformation Dynamics :

That evaluates observable assets of the company reflecting its digital transformation capability and the current status of this transformation.


The 2018 digital performance rating of Retail Banking Belgium focused on apanel of 13 brands including 10 traditional banks, one online banks and 2neobanks (or PSPs).

All data collection, test and research operations were conducted during 2018 according tofollowing schedule.


For each indicator, scores are calculated regarding brands’ relative performance amongst thepanel.

All scores per brand are then aggregated into a digital performance overall grade, which allowsto provide a yearly ranking, through a proprietary algorithm.

The rating grid is built so as to enable the grading of any type of company, from worldwide“digital champions” (that would be rated AAA) to “digital deniers” (that would be rated C).


Regarding “Transformation Dynamics” Module, the study only considers players with a banking license issued by the competent authorities, providing the main day-to-day banking services (deposit and payment account) and with significant historical data. This therefore excludes Payment Service Providers and Neobanks from this overall ranking. Consequently, ratings for N26 and Revolute are estimates.

Impact on key business indicators

The digital performance rating conducted by D-Rating allows to determine an expected impacton 5 business performance indicators:


The expected impact for the next period can be positive, neutral, questionable or negative.


For each brand, a detailed review of scores brings the following high-level comments and impact of digital performance on business performance indicators.

Banks are classified according to their ratings.

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The tests for the Belgian retail banks 2019 ratings will start in April 2019.

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