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H2 2021 D-Rating’s Digest

The D-Rating’s Market Alerts service has been launched in July 2021. It’s based on the daily observation of the significant updates, from the product evolution features, design, security improvement…, the consumers’ adoption (number and duration of sessions…) and the users’ satisfaction (ratings, reviews…) point of view. It currently covers more than 300 banking applications, for groups operating in 15 European countries,

To analyze the transformations that banks are making to their apps, D-Rating currently works on 34 categories and 180 subcategories.

Paris, January 18, 2022 :

Mobile banking continues its march forward! During H2 2022, it reached in november an average of 2.8 million daily users across all apps surveyed by D-Rating. And the duration of use of banking apps also continues to grow, confirming that they have shifted from being a simple « convenience » (checking account balances, making wires, etc.) to becoming an integral part of the banking experience, even for the most engaging products and services : +11% on average between June 2021 and December 2021, for all the apps studied 50 seconds on average, per day), and a record approaching 2 mn 40 of daily use for the iOS FINECO app (Italy).

This evolution is the result of the ever-increasing energy deployed by banks to improve ergonomics and customer experience, on the one hand, and to enrich the portfolio of banking products and complementary services, on the other.


Update on the account opening journeys and ergonomy improvements

As the ability to complete fully digitally the account opening process tends to become a market standard, D-Rating has noted 12 application changes aimed at increasing the ease of doing so (quality of the customer journey, identification elements to be provided and process to be followed to do so…).

In the same spirit of improving the customer’s comfort (and eventually to the prospect, as the screen sharing on call proposed by the Italian bank Intesa San Paolo ; the possibility of making voice searches included by Halifax (UK) and VTB (Russia) adds to the comfort of all customers an improvement in the accessibility of the service to visually impaired people ; the smart vocal assistant proposed by Erste Bank / Sparkasse goes in the same way), interface updates (147), or even a total new design of the app (63) were numerous in the second half of the year.

Personal Finance Management (in the broadest sense) at the heart of service improvement

A better integration of the app into the customer’s overall banking activity represents a second trend in the mobile banking’s innovation: creation or personalization of shortcuts (38), categorization of expenses (26), transaction confirmation by biometric identification (16), management of personal loans (18), creation of a personalized dashboard (7), and integration of the electronic signature (6) are just a few examples. The possibility offered by Intesa San Paolo (Italy) to login without an account, i.e. to use the app to manage the account of another bank, also deserves to be noted.

Being at the heart of the client’s activity also leads to the multiplication of aggregators (including for some integrating the possibility of inter-account operations), or budget construction tools (as an exemple, Garanti BBVA (Turkey) provides insights on the financial health of the account)

New fields of innovation

Regarding the conquest of new customers, D-Rating has identified 15 changes related to the creation or management of « junior accounts » accessible to miners.

And focusing on the themes which could represent key innovations tomorrow, D-Rating also identified the integration of carbon footprint calculators by 6 applications, and the integration of crypto-currencies in the dashboard for monitoring operations by two of them.

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The service will add to the analysis of innovations the monitoring of structural changes of websites.

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Early in the 24th of January week, D-Rating will communicate on the results of the first brick of its annual rating: the results of the Proposition Digital module.

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