Fintech : Cryptos pass €100M mark for the year; SME banking and Insurtech still the most invested


In september, the fintech universe brought the total raised in 2022 to €1,816 million

In September, the eCap Partner / D-Rating Barometer’s 10 fundraisings in the fintech universe brought the total raised in 2022 to €1,816 million, for 78 deals. The totals for the whole of 2021 have already been almost equaled (79 deals in 2021) or largely exceeded (€1,454M raised).

The summer period nevertheless marked a slowdown compared to the same period in 2021 (€261 million in Q3 2022, compared to €444 million a year earlier).

In this context, Club Funding Group has completed the most notable transaction, raising €125 million in its first round, with Florac Investissements, Peninsula Capital Advisors, EMZ Partners and bpifrance participating.) Created in 2005, the company has adapted the crowdfunding approach to the financing of real estate projects.

In September, there was a transaction in the insurance sector: Atekka, specialized in agricultural risk coverage (€4.9 million for its first round, provided by Agro Invest).


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