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Global rating of retail banks

The D-Rating notation of the digital performance is delivered once a year. It currently covers the retail banking sector, with more than 70 companies rated, located in 15 countries. The rating is built on more than 800 quantitative indicators, from data collected at 100% through an outside-in approach. 

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Our rating is based on three complementary modules that allow us to measure the digital transformation of retail banks.

Global Rating Methodology

Digital Proposition

This module aggregates four hundred indicators that assesses three main domains:

Journeys: from enrolment to transfer. Mystery shoppers carry out different online journeys, and our bots record relevant data that feed our database.

Contact channels: both on social media and websites. Their availability, response time and reliability are tested, on the prospects side (public space) as on the customers one (private space).

Offers and functionalities: we observe the range of products and services available on digital supports, and the features provided on the application and the website.

Usage status

This module includes 200 indicators that evaluate three domains: 

App: we measure, through data provided by our partner App Annie, the level of usage of the applications on both Android and iOS, and the level of satisfaction expressed by customers (ratings, reviews).

Web: partly using data provided by SimilarWeb, we evaluate the level of usage of the companies' Web sites, the frequencies, the origination, the volume of traffic, and the technical performances of the websites. 

Social Media: using our proprietary crawlers, we measure engagemement, variation of volume of followers, and also the traffic generated by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube to the Web sites. 

Transformation Dynamic

This module is based on 200 indicators that evaluate three domains: 

Technology & Innovation: we evaluate the different technology stacks used by the companies, their investments on digital and the different patents registered.

Operational integration: with operational excellence, on contact channels, the search of digital profiles or the phygital integration between digital channels and branches. 

Talent Attraction: we measure the performance of recruitment processes using digital tools and work environment if it is suitable for the new digital profiles. 


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D-Rating Lab

The D-Rating Lab manages our technological platform. Its main priorities are : 

- data collection and processing automation.


- quality check improvement by using statistical algorithms. 

- Rating model enrichment of the model,


- service delivered to the subscribers enhancement, adding to the yearly notation the capability to deliver key data in real time : 
Alerts developed to notify remarquable evolutions of apps or Web sites in terms of usage, consumers satisfaction or new features availibility, as  an exemple. 

SME Banking

SME banking 

Interest in SME banking has been constantly growing these last years, making it one of the most invested activity, in the banking industry. 

New digital players have emerged worldwide to disrupt what was once, a market solely reserved to historical leaders. 

Digitized and innovative services and initiatives have been deployed since.

D-Rating has joined the movement and it will deliver in 2021 its first global rating for the SME banking sector.

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