The D-Rating banking Apps Digest – Q321

The D-Rating’s Market Alerts service has been launched in July 2021. It currently covers more than 200 banking applications, for groups operating in 15 European countries, from the product evolution features, design, security improvement…), the consumers’ adoption (number and duration of sessions…) and the users’ satisfaction (ratings, reviews…) point of view.

To analyze the transformations that banks are making to their apps, D-Rating currently works on 26 categories[1] and 114 subcategories.

During the Q321, D-Rating noted 304 significant changes (an average of 3+ per day) in the banking applications covered by its Market Alerts service, including the full redesign of the application (in 7 cases regarding KBC (BE) and Nickel (FR) mainly, from which 4 iOS Apps and 3 Android ones), interface updates (55) and new features introduction (242).

On the interface front, design improvements represent 4 of 10 modifications (22). The will to ease navigation is perceptible in the introduction of 12 news shortcuts, in the Peopay (Bank Pekao, PL), VTB-Online (VTB Bank, RU), Easy Banking App (BNP Paribas Fortis, BE), Banxo (Caisse d’Epargne, FR), Mobilbank (Danske Bank, DK), Ma Banque (Crédit Agricole, FR), or Hello bank! (Hello Bank!, FR). D-Rating also noted the introduction of 7 Widget features, with purposes sometimes pretty far of banking, such as the access to parking lots (ING, PL)!

Card management represents the second source of Apps’ changes during the quarter (43), more than one of four introducing Biometric Payment confirmation.

PFM[2] and aggregation (42) is the third one, with the possibility to connect other accounts and to make money transfer from aggregated accounts on top (14), shortly ahead of budget setting and possibility to categorize expenses and revenues (13).

To be noted that access and/or manage financial products, insurance services, personal loans and Pension Savings Account total 55 modifications, which confirms the mode of the industry to the full mobile banking.

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About D-Rating

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D-Rating provides all market players (investors, financial analysts, fund managers and companies) with an independent rating of the digital competitiveness of companies likely to impact their business performance in the medium term.

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[1] Account Management, Account Opening, Alerting, Card, Contact Channel, Deposit Account, Feedback, Financial products, Insurance, Interface update, Junior account, Mortgage Loan, New Journey, Other services, Pension Savings Account, Personal Loan, Personalization, PFM and aggregation, Phygital, Products, Security, SME Banking, Sustainability, Totally new app, Transfer, Virtual storage for documents.

[2] Personal Finance Management