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Your No. 1 ally to ensure your digital performance

As a pioneer and European leader in digital performance rating, D-Rating supports its clients by offering them an exhaustive and comparative study. Its algorithm composed of more than 700 indicators allows a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the companies studied.

Founded in 2016, D-Rating has experienced a rapid rise and continues to expand daily. Solidly established in Europe with more than 50 banks studied in 2020, D-Rating is now aiming for international expansion.


No. 1 Digital Performance Rating Agency in Europe


Digital Proposition

We evaluate the digital interactions between your company and your customers

Usage Status

We measure your company's presence on the web, mobile applications, social networks

Transformation dynamics

 we estimate your company's capacity for digital transformation, your staff skills on last trendy technologies


Our Added Values

Your brands ratings and much more : D-rating offers its subscribers detailed results for each module annually. These results include detailed global scores for your brand and its competitors among the panel, hence, a tailored diagnosis of key strengths is provided. Moreover, more general market insights are also included in the deliveries.


Access to all data points directly at anytime via our platform : 24/7 access to all datas in order to directly benchmark your company with the rest of the panel. You can navigate fluidly through our scores with a funnel vision from domains to indicators. Access is granted on demand to your teams depending on your needs.

Assistance to your teams : The agency also provides continuous assistance to help you either navigate through the scores on the platform or understand specific information regarding the methodology and the data behind.
D-rating can also fit your demands in terms of information needed when available among our data sets through tailored presentations to your operational teams.

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Public data
Websites / Social media 
External data providers
Mystery shoppers 


D-Rating analysts
Scientific council
Customers' insights



Automated journey execution
Automated technical tests
Semantic analyis
Machine Learning


Our Missions

Help companies to better understand and communicate their digital challenges and priorities

Help investors to better identify opportunies and risks linked to companies digital competitiveness gaps


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