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Study and ranking of 14 retail banks operating on the Belgian market, on the basis of 420 indicators measuring the level of digitisation of the offer, the effectiveness of digital communication channels and the performance of customer paths linked to the bank on a dail...


Study and ranking of 15 retail banks in Belgium, based on 429 indicators measuring the digitization of banks’ offering, the efficiency of contact channels and the performance of customer journeys.

The use of online banking is already established in Belgium, where 83% of...


What are the Neo-banks drivers for success ? How are traditional banks keeping up with new technological breakthroughs and customers needs ? Which banks offers the best customer experience and the most performant processes ?


D-Rating’s Digital Customer Experience module assesses how much companies leverage digitalization to improve their offer, products and services. We applied this module to the French telecom industry, studying 10 brands.


  • According to ARCEP [1] (French agency i...


Mobile phone is becoming the first interaction channel with banks in France. With the lack of differentiation between offers of competing banks, price differentiation is no longer a viable strategy for the traditional banks. They have to offer a high quality digital cu...

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