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“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.”

Benjamin Franklin

Companies have historically been obliged to constantly change and adapt to customers', competition's and technological evolution. But the digitalization of the economy makes that need much stronger. Important schifts are not just recurrent, they should be an ongoing process. Without it, organizations can quickly loose any competitive advantages against the ones that are fully embracing digitalization. One illustration of this phenomena is the declining tenure for average S&P500 INDEX firm, from 61 years in 1958 to 18 years now. (cf. analysis).


Digital performance has become a well-known necessity for survival in mid-to-long term. Consequently, it should be included into financial evaluation and debt risk assessment. No transparent and independent analyses of digital performance existed though. D-Rating is filling that gap with a scientific and objective approach.



After winning a digital innovation award (Concours de l’Innovation Numérique) in 2016, D-Rating was awarded from BPI France (Banque Publique d’Investissement) and secured an initial € 1 Mln funding which permitted to hire a core experienced team, brainstorm the bones of the digital rating methodology and earn validation from first pilot customers in March 2017.


In 2017, D-Rating published its results on French Retails banks and French telco players. The scientific advisory board was created with esteemed members of the French and Belgian academic community to pursue continuous improvements and bring a strong quality-check to the table. Studies made in 2017 lead to the French Retail Banks 2017 ratings communicated in January 2018.

In 2018, the report productivity doubled as new analysts and developpers joined the team and first pilot customers transformed their first-year subscription into multi-annual engagements.  

Two full ratings were released to the market this year, scoring 19 French Banks and 12 Belgian Banks on 3 D-Rating complementary modules to gain a 360° perspective over companies’ digital performance. On-demand campaigns were also produced on Morocco and Ukraine


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Code of ethics


D-Rating is not under any influence that may compromise the establishment of a fair and factual opinion.

The ratings are only influenced by relevant proofs in the context of the rating.

Ratings are not influenced by existing, non-existing or potential business relationships between D-Rating and the rated companies or third parties. 

Ratings are not influenced by its shareholders. 

D-Rating methodology and required arbitrations are subject to approval by an independant scientific council.


D-Rating is committed to document its  methodology, products and services and make it public.

D-Rating is committed to document the nature of its relationships with customers, suppliers and governmental organizations and to make the information publicly available

D-Rating is commited to document its analysis and evaluation methodologies for its customers 


D-Rating treats confidential data provided by customers with all required caution.

D-Rating signs a non-disclosure agreement with all customers.

D-Rating is commited to set up necessary means to protect customers' data. 


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