About us

At the time of our creation, in 2016, the banking sector was on the verge of a revolution with the arrival of new generation of digital banks, the neobanks.

We therefore decided to assess the digitization of the different industry players in order to build a shared performance measurement tool, including new players.

About Us
Our concept

Our concept 

A rating in three module:

- The Usage Status, an assessment of App, Web and Social Networks usages,

- The Digital Proposition, including dematerialised customer journeys, access to offering and contact channels and finally

- The Transformation Dynamics, which evaluates the employer’s brand, IT infrastructure and investments in digital.

Our commitments : We act in a fully transparent and independent manner, regardless of our relationship, commercial or otherwise, with the banks. 

Our objectives


To provide companies with a comprehensive view of their respective situations in terms of digital performance, and the way they can improve it.

To reinforce others stakeholders, such as analysts & investors, in their capacity to link digital & economic performance.

Our objectives

Our Story



Creation of the structure, based on innovation trophies and first prizes from the BPI, we created a first level of legitimacy that allowed us to raise one million euros in funds. We were able to create the team that will start the adventure and recruit suitable profiles.



 At the beginning of the year, we presented our first results from the 2017 campaign. We recruited new analysts and developers. Our panel for 2018 consists of 19 retail banks in France and 12 in Belgium.



Presentation of our 2019 results at the Palais Brongniart. In addition, we were featured in the annual reports and communication of many banks in the countries studied in 2019. The 2020 campaign was carried out this time in 15 countries around Euro-58.



We launched our first pilot test, which will conduct the first rating campaign in France. We also set up the scientific board.



We presented our 2018 results to the press, the banks and investors at the Palais Brongniart in Paris during the Fintech Forum. After that, we started our new campaign. We have covered Spain in addition to France and Belgium.



Given the context, our presentation of the european retail banking results was made in video-conference format . We are conducting a major R&D campaign to continue our automation and understanding the sectors around digital Transformation before launching the 2021 rating campaign.